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NOMMA the Northeast Chapter was a Registered Provider of educational seminars for the Continuing Education Systems of the American Institute of Architects as a non-profit professional association. Due to Chapter problems, our providership was not renewed for 2006. Currently we are working to rectify this situation. The AIA website contains pertinent information on various programs for architects.

  • The primary focus of the educational seminars conducted by our Chapter is on comprehension of metal working specifications.
  • Detailed information is given on correct specification of finishing metal in one seminar.
  • The differences between custom fabrication as compared to fabrication of stock material is discussed in a separate seminar.

The National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association [NOMMA] is the core from where all our educational ideals and goals originate. On the NOMMA website there will be information on different welding techniques for bronze and when to utilize each of them, the different degrees of grinding and cleaning welded joints and much more information. Additionally NOMMA and NAAMM have mutually written a new METAL FINISHES MANUAL.

The National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers [NAAMM] has been establishing the standards in the metal fabrication, finishing and specification writing fields for decades. The NAAMM website provides the opportunity to purchase the Metal Finishing manuals as well as fabrication specification guides that are the “Rosetta Stone” for metal working.

When questions arise concerning building code authorities, please consult our LINKS TO CODE GOVERNING BODIES   page for direct information from the code writing bodies. However, the LOCAL BUILDING OFFICIAL  has the final say in his municipality.

The Northeast Chapter meetings are centered around educational demonstrations on different means of fabrication, welding techniques, forging steel and aluminum as well as sharing new information on insurances and products or services.

Plans are being formulated to coordinate an educational workshop with a New Jersey technical high school to instruct students on metal working. The instructors would be rotating Chapter members volunteering their time.

Websites  mentioned as a source of information regarding the metal fabrication field are listed here on the Website Links page. This website as well as NOMMA and the Northeast Chapter of NOMMA do not condone or recommend these links as empirical guides. They are presented for information purposes only.


NAAMM- NOMMA Finishes Manual

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