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METALfab is one of NOMMA’s biggest functions to conduct the industry’s annual convention and trade show. This major event is held in a different city each year. Typically, between 600-700 fabricators attend METALfab annually.

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Copper Alloy Finishes

The information presented on this website is for general information purposes only, and is not intended as a warranty for its suitability in a particular project.It is intended for use by licensed design professionals to determine its proper application. The user assumes all liability arising from its use.
Summary of typical Copper Alloy Finishes

The following finishes are listed by the Copper Development Association’s finish designation, and typical supplier of work:

Finish Designation Supplied by
As Fabricated M10 Series Mill
Buffed M20 Series Fabricator or Finisher
Directional Textured M30 Series Fabricator or Finisher
Non-Directional Textured M40 Series Fabricator or Finisher
Patterned Mix (specify) Mill or Processor
Cleaned only C10 Series Mill, Fabricator or Finisher
Matte Dipped Mill
Bright Dipped Mill
Conversion Coatings C50 Fabricator or Finisher
Coatings (Applied Coatings)
Air Dry O60 Series Fabricator or Finisher
Thermo-Set O70 Series Fabricator or Finisher
Chemical Cure O80 Series Fabricator or Finisher
Vitreous Processor
Laminated L90 Series Processor
Metallic Processor