Upcoming Webinar

Upcoming Webinar

Attracting & Retaining Workers

This webinar is a follow-up from a great ListServ discussion. Doug Bracken, Wiemann Metalcraft, Tulsa, OK, will share his company's program and ideas for attracting and keeping talent.

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What does NOMMA stand for?

NOMMA stands for the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association.  The Northeast Chapter automatically welcomes new National members whose work environment encompasses the northeast.

Who or what is the Northeast Chapter?

As the name implies, the chapter members belong to the Northeastern states. However, there are no limitations to this region. Any NOMMA firm may affiliate with us by request to NOMMA

Can anyone attend a Chapter Meeting?

Membership in the Northeast Chapter or in NOMMA is not required to attend your first meeting. However, please contact us for information.

What can the Northeast Chapter do for me?

At our monthly meetings you will be able to learn some of the skills and techniques of other NOMMA members and upgrade the quality of your work. At a minimum, you be able to sub out work that was either beyond your means or time frame and still increase the quality level of your company. The Northeast Chapter’s goal is to break down the “Bermuda Triangle” between fabricators, architects and building code officials through better communication and understanding.